Default theme uses SASSopen in new window as the CSS pre-processor.

Users can custom style variables via palette file, and add extra styles via style file.

Palette File

The path of palette file is .vuepress/styles/palette.scss.

You can make use of it to override predefined SASS variables of default theme.

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// responsive breakpoints
$MQNarrow: 959px !default;
$MQMobile: 719px !default;
$MQMobileNarrow: 419px !default;

// code languages
$codeLang: 'c' 'cpp' 'cs' 'css' 'dart' 'docker' 'fs' 'go' 'html' 'java' 'js'
  'json' 'kt' 'less' 'makefile' 'md' 'php' 'py' 'rb' 'rs' 'sass' 'scss' 'sh'
  'styl' 'ts' 'toml' 'vue' 'yml' !default;

Style File

The path of style file is .vuepress/styles/index.scss.

You can add extra styles here, or override default styles:

:root {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

You can also make use of it to override predefined CSS variables of default theme.

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:root {
  // brand colors
  --c-brand: #3eaf7c;
  --c-brand-light: #4abf8a;

  // background colors
  --c-bg: #ffffff;
  --c-bg-light: #f3f4f5;
  --c-bg-lighter: #eeeeee;
  --c-bg-navbar: var(--c-bg);
  --c-bg-sidebar: var(--c-bg);
  --c-bg-arrow: #cccccc;

  // text colors
  --c-text: #2c3e50;
  --c-text-accent: var(--c-brand);
  --c-text-light: #3a5169;
  --c-text-lighter: #4e6e8e;
  --c-text-lightest: #6a8bad;
  --c-text-quote: #999999;

  // border colors
  --c-border: #eaecef;
  --c-border-dark: #dfe2e5;

  // custom container colors
  --c-tip: #42b983;
  --c-tip-bg: var(--c-bg-light);
  --c-tip-title: var(--c-text);
  --c-tip-text: var(--c-text);
  --c-tip-text-accent: var(--c-text-accent);
  --c-warning: #e7c000;
  --c-warning-bg: #fffae3;
  --c-warning-title: #ad9000;
  --c-warning-text: #746000;
  --c-warning-text-accent: var(--c-text);
  --c-danger: #cc0000;
  --c-danger-bg: #ffe0e0;
  --c-danger-title: #990000;
  --c-danger-text: #660000;
  --c-danger-text-accent: var(--c-text);
  --c-details-bg: #eeeeee;

  // badge component colors
  --c-badge-tip: var(--c-tip);
  --c-badge-warning: var(--c-warning);
  --c-badge-danger: var(--c-danger);

  // transition vars
  --t-color: 0.3s ease;
  --t-transform: 0.3s ease;

  // code blocks vars
  --code-bg-color: #282c34;
  --code-hl-bg-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.66);
  --code-ln-color: #9e9e9e;
  --code-ln-wrapper-width: 3.5rem;

  // font vars
  --font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, 'Segoe UI', Roboto, Oxygen,
    Ubuntu, Cantarell, 'Fira Sans', 'Droid Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', sans-serif;
  --font-family-code: Consolas, Monaco, 'Andale Mono', 'Ubuntu Mono', monospace;

  // layout vars
  --navbar-height: 3.6rem;
  --navbar-padding-v: 0.7rem;
  --navbar-padding-h: 1.5rem;
  --sidebar-width: 20rem;
  --sidebar-width-mobile: calc(var(--sidebar-width) * 0.82);
  --content-width: 740px;
  --homepage-width: 960px;

// plugin-back-to-top
.back-to-top {
  --back-to-top-color: var(--c-brand);
  --back-to-top-color-hover: var(--c-brand-light);

// plugin-docsearch
.DocSearch {
  --docsearch-primary-color: var(--c-brand);
  --docsearch-text-color: var(--c-text);
  --docsearch-highlight-color: var(--c-brand);
  --docsearch-muted-color: var(--c-text-quote);
  --docsearch-container-background: rgba(9, 10, 17, 0.8);
  --docsearch-modal-background: var(--c-bg-light);
  --docsearch-searchbox-background: var(--c-bg-lighter);
  --docsearch-searchbox-focus-background: var(--c-bg);
  --docsearch-searchbox-shadow: inset 0 0 0 2px var(--c-brand);
  --docsearch-hit-color: var(--c-text-light);
  --docsearch-hit-active-color: var(--c-bg);
  --docsearch-hit-background: var(--c-bg);
  --docsearch-hit-shadow: 0 1px 3px 0 var(--c-border-dark);
  --docsearch-footer-background: var(--c-bg);

// plugin-external-link-icon
.external-link-icon {
  --external-link-icon-color: var(--c-text-quote);

// plugin-medium-zoom
.medium-zoom-overlay {
  --medium-zoom-bg-color: var(--c-bg);

// plugin-nprogress
#nprogress {
  --nprogress-color: var(--c-brand);

// plugin-pwa-popup
.pwa-popup {
  --pwa-popup-text-color: var(--c-text);
  --pwa-popup-bg-color: var(--c-bg);
  --pwa-popup-border-color: var(--c-brand);
  --pwa-popup-shadow: 0 4px 16px var(--c-brand);
  --pwa-popup-btn-text-color: var(--c-bg);
  --pwa-popup-btn-bg-color: var(--c-brand);
  --pwa-popup-btn-hover-bg-color: var(--c-brand-light);

// plugin-search
.search-box {
  --search-bg-color: var(--c-bg);
  --search-accent-color: var(--c-brand);
  --search-text-color: var(--c-text);
  --search-border-color: var(--c-border);

  --search-item-text-color: var(--c-text-lighter);
  --search-item-focus-bg-color: var(--c-bg-light);
Click to expand dark mode CSS variables
html.dark {
  // brand colors
  --c-brand: #3aa675;
  --c-brand-light: #349469;

  // background colors
  --c-bg: #22272e;
  --c-bg-light: #2b313a;
  --c-bg-lighter: #262c34;

  // text colors
  --c-text: #adbac7;
  --c-text-light: #96a7b7;
  --c-text-lighter: #8b9eb0;
  --c-text-lightest: #8094a8;

  // border colors
  --c-border: #3e4c5a;
  --c-border-dark: #34404c;

  // custom container colors
  --c-tip: #318a62;
  --c-warning: #ceab00;
  --c-warning-bg: #7e755b;
  --c-warning-title: #ceac03;
  --c-warning-text: #362e00;
  --c-danger: #940000;
  --c-danger-bg: #806161;
  --c-danger-title: #610000;
  --c-danger-text: #3a0000;
  --c-details-bg: #323843;

  // code blocks vars
  --code-hl-bg-color: #363b46;

// plugin-docsearch
html.dark .DocSearch {
  --docsearch-logo-color: var(--c-text);
  --docsearch-modal-shadow: inset 1px 1px 0 0 #2c2e40, 0 3px 8px 0 #000309;
  --docsearch-key-shadow: inset 0 -2px 0 0 #282d55, inset 0 0 1px 1px #51577d,
    0 2px 2px 0 rgba(3, 4, 9, 0.3);
  --docsearch-key-gradient: linear-gradient(-225deg, #444950, #1c1e21);
  --docsearch-footer-shadow: inset 0 1px 0 0 rgba(73, 76, 106, 0.5),
    0 -4px 8px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);