This plugin will listen to page scroll event. When the page scrolls to a certain header anchor, this plugin will change the route hash to that header anchor if there is a corresponding header link.

This plugin is mainly used to develop themes, and has been integrated into the default theme. You won't need to use it directly in most cases.


npm i -D @vuepress/plugin-active-header-links@next
import { activeHeaderLinksPlugin } from '@vuepress/plugin-active-header-links'

export default {
  plugins: [
      // options



  • Type: string

  • Default: 'a.sidebar-item'

  • Details:

    Selector of header link.

    If a header anchor does not have a corresponding header link, this plugin won't change the route hash to that anchor when scrolling to it.



  • Type: number

  • Default: 200

  • Details:

    The delay of the debounced scroll event listener.


  • Type: number

  • Default: 5

  • Details:

    Even if you click the link of the header anchor directly, the scrollTop might not be exactly equal to offsetTop of the header anchor, so we add an offset to avoid the error.