Getting Started



Manual Installation

This section will help you build a basic VuePress documentation site from ground up. If you already have an existing project and would like to keep documentation inside the project, start from Step 3.

  • Step 1: Create and change into a new directory
mkdir vuepress-starter
cd vuepress-starter
  • Step 2: Initialize your project
git init
yarn init
git init
npm init
  • Step 3: Install VuePress locally
yarn add -D vuepress@next
npm install -D vuepress@next
  "scripts": {
    "docs:dev": "vuepress dev docs",
    "docs:build": "vuepress build docs"
  • Step 5: Add the default temp and cache directory to .gitignore file
echo 'node_modules' >> .gitignore
echo '.temp' >> .gitignore
echo '.cache' >> .gitignore
  • Step 6: Create your first document
mkdir docs
echo '# Hello VuePress' > docs/
  • Step 7: Serve the documentation site in the local server
yarn docs:dev
npm run docs:dev

VuePress will start a hot-reloading development server at http://localhost:8080open in new window. When you modify your markdown files, the content in the browser will be auto updated.

By now, you should have a basic but functional VuePress documentation site. Next, learn about the basics of configuration in VuePress.