Built-in Components



  • Usage:
  <NonSsrFriendlyComponent />
  • Details:

    This component and its children will only be rendered in client-side. That means, it will not be rendered to HTML during build (SSR).

    If a component is trying to access Browser / DOM APIs directly in setup(), an error will occur during build because those APIs are unavailable in Node.js environment. In such case, you could do either:

    • Modify the component to only access Browser / DOM APIs in onBeforeMount() or onMounted() hook.
    • Wrap the component with <ClientOnly>.


  • Props:

    • pageKey
      • Type: string
      • Required: false
  • Usage:

<Content page-key="v-xxxxxx" />
  • Details:

    This component will render the Markdown content of a page.

    The page key is the nameopen in new window of the page route. If the pageKey prop is not provided, it will render the page of current route.

    This component is mainly for developing themes. You won't need it in most cases.

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